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Tach modules *New Pricing- Due to a change in manufacturing*

*Pricing now includes shipping within continental North America (overseas customers please enquire for discounted rates)

Another Momentum original! Since 1998 and years of doing engine swaps, there was nothing available that allowed you to maintain your factory cluster. Thus we ended up developing a couple of modules that made the swaps easier for us and also the DIY. Most of these modules will get your tach to work after you have completed your engine swap.

The installs are very straight forward with no jumpers to configure or the combination of clipping wires to get the tach to work. The module fits perfect behind your factory cluster with access to all your necessary wires to make the module work.

A very simple 4 wire install:
+ 12v
RPM signal from ECU
Output signal from module to cluster or aftermarket device

We suggest you have a Bentley manual to refer to the correct wires needed, this will make the install much easier.

Digital to Analog Module
Our most popular module available which has been used worldwide!
Primarily used for late model engines into early model cars to get your factory tach to work.

Some common applications this module can be used for:

-1.8T/2.0L/TDI swap into a Golf 1 or 2 or early Audi's

- TDI swap into Vanagon
-Some aftermarket boost or fuel controllers require an analog tach signal to work, so on the 1.8T/VR6/2.0L cars you need to convert the signal to get the controller to work.

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Digital to Analog Tach Module with 6-4 Cylinder Converter Combo

This box is a combo and has 2 modules in it, digital>analog + 6-4 cylinder conversion. It's used for basically one application, putting a VR6 into a Golf 1/2 and retaining your factory cluster.

This module will allow your factory cluster read the correct rpm of the engine. It will save time on not having to do a dash swap or custom fit the 6 cylinder cluster (usually Golf 3 or Corrado) and allow you to maintain that sleeper look inside your car!


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$249.00 *incl. shipping(see above)


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